Monthly Archives: August 2015

Holistic Health Resources

I'm often asked which online resources I rely on to keep up-to-date on holistic health topics. Here are some of my favorite sites and authors: David Zava & ZRT Laboratory David Zava, CEO and chief scientist at ZRT labs was one of my first teachers. I met him at a local seminar, sponsored by Sue Horton,…
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What is a Paleo Support Group?

I’m writing to tell you a little bit more about our Paleo Support Group, in case you’re wondering if it’s for you. Back in May, I wrote about why I am on the Paleo Diet and what it is, so refer to that post for more of those details. But to sum it up, I…
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Your (New & Improved) Fall Cleanse for Gut-Health

The Iowa State Fair begins this week. Ten days of sweating and shameless binge eating will soon be followed by the crisp air and cooler temperatures of fall, the inspiration of season’s change, and the gut-rot of fermented stick-foods. Yes, time to cleanse. Are you prepared? Hello, readers and patients of Whole Woman Health! Kate…
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