Immune support has never been more important!

Are you doing everything for your immune system that you can to protect you from Covid 19 sickness? I will spare you the hand washing and PPE discussion since that is all over media, but here are some ideas for fighting off infection: VITAMIN C As much as this has been discussed here and in the media, we know it’s very supportive of the immune system Food - To get vitamin C, fill your plate [...]

A year of creating joy.

One of the most important things in our lives to keep clean is our mind. In fact, I believe there is nothing more important to detox than our minds. A friend said she’d learned that the unconscious doesn’t have a sense of humor. She became very afraid because she’d spent 50 years enjoying sarcasm and realized what she’d been feeding her mind all along. That’s right – information, thoughts and feelings are food for [...]

I did the test!

...AND THE PROOF WAS IN THE PUDDIN When people ask me if it’s safe to use hormone supplementation. I always say, “ It depends on how you metabolize them, and to know that for certain we should test you. A test for hormone metabolism provides insight into how your body is managing hormones like estrogen. If hormones aren’t processed properly, they can increase your risk for cancer or cardiovascular disease. In women, poorly metabolized [...]

Herbs for Detoxing

To support detoxification, several herbs are excellent. Before I was so zealous about the healing power of foods, I would prescribe these herbs without the cleansing diet, with a side note to “eat cleanly”. If you love to work with individual herbs, you can shop health food stores or Frontier Herbs online, and make strong teas or tinctures. Personally, I love the convenience and quality of a tincture formulation of several herbs made by [...]

Detoxify Your Life – Part 2

If you saw my last post on detoxing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to begin. That’s what can happen when I need to clean my whole house…if I attempt to tackle too much at once, I don’t know where to start. Instead, I choose one room and one task at a time ­– sometimes I just vacuum and de-clutter, saving the dusting for another day. Similarly, to make the detox process [...]

Detoxify Your Life – Part 1

I know people are tired of hearing about all the toxic things in our environment, including our homes, but when these toxins affect your health, vitality, and hormones, it is definitely worth more discussion. Our liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs and skin are constantly working to detoxify us. Removing foreign chemicals or substances that aren’t nutritious is hard work for these detoxifying organs and takes a toll on our health. In fact, many chemicals act [...]

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