Everyday I see people who don’t feel in control of their food choices and intake, or even their lives, not to mention their community or country, but this morning I’m looking hard at how so many of us seem to be in a slumber. True, there are many difficult things to care about and lend support to, and we have to choose what we put our energy into, but how much energy does it take to notice that the bin on the curb is a recycling bin and not a place to throw your dog sh%t!! (Yes- that felt related when I saw it this week).

Have we started to get so accustomed to hearing about people getting shot that we change the radio or TV station when we hear of yet another killing or mass shooting and get tired of hearing the same old thing?

Do we feel too powerless when disasters happen and just look for some fun or a diversion from the hard feelings? I am one of the first people to look for something happier when things look grim but this morning I was reminded that we can’t always look the other way when the lives and mental health of our people are at stake.

I haven’t researched the huge number of people killed in our country in the last few years by crazy people – I don’t really want to know frank – and we all wonder what can be done. We hear, “our thoughts and prayers are with those families who have lost loved ones” but do we care enough to do anything?

I learn a lot on Facebook and it’s a great place to find out what is happening with some of my friends and family. And yet I wonder if we’re getting entranced with media so it stops meaning anything?

Do we forget that we live in a democracy and do have input into the laws of our community?

I may be another voice repeating the same things but I can’t be quiet about this. Safety is not a political issue, except when we start talking about guns?

Let’s not make it another rant and only anger-filled issue. We can see our country and the rest of the world enshrouded in a pink cocoon of safety, we can pour love out to all the troubled people who need help. Sending love and kindness out every day is just as important to me, but we can make a simple phone call to our legislators and vote for those that are making safer laws too.