Vitus and I met his sister and her husband in Nashville this weekend and like many visitors, we enjoyed the nightlife on Broadway. But, also like many visitors, we toxified our bodies more than I’d like to admit. Even two drinks accomplishes that for me now since I’m less and less tolerant, especially when it’s repeated during the same week. 

My plan was to start my fall cleanse upon return from Nashville. I was reminded of that plan when I was in the airport and found my bag of dandelion root tea and an article on milk thistle.


Genetically or constitutionally my liver is a little weaker, so I need a tune up regularly. And when I do, milk thistle is one of my liver loving partners in healing. Here are some of its gifts to us:

  • Neutralizes toxins, which assists in many of the 500 life-sustaining functions of the liver.
  • Research is showing that milk thistle protects against metabolic syndrome and fatty liver, and neutralizes the hepatitis C virus. It has proven to surpass an antidiabetic drug in decreasing insulin resistance and oxidative stress, and to benefit both heart and liver tissues in animals. Silybin, a milk thistle extract, has been shown to reduce obesity by regulating enzymes and genes involved in fat and sugar metabolism. 
  • New data is showing milk thistle may protect against many cancers. Human studies have shown silybin with vitamin E improved markers of liver damage and insulin sensitivity , and increased survival in subjects with cirrhosis or liver failure.
  • Through its powerful effects on phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways, we are exposed to much lower levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals.


My liver cleanse system includes milk thistle along with several other liver supporting herbs, a homeopathic support tincture,  and Nutriplenish GI for effective removal of the toxins after they’ve travelled into the GI tract.

Let me know if you are ready for your fall cleanse and reset your metabolic efficiency.