On the way to Palm Springs last week I called my friend Nicky to touch base and shared with her that I was dreading the imminent conference I was attending. To explain why I was going,  and remind myself,  I shared that I’d been exploring implementation of group visits into my practice, and I believed this conference could help me launch them at my clinic. Being even more an introvert than I am, she quickly informed me that she would not be part of any [stinking] group.

Suddenly I was excited to explain that group visits are the future of functional medicine! I had been to at least three conferences on the subject, including just two weeks ago and so far had resisted the time it would take to create and organize these groups.

But now it’s time, for several great reasons. As I mentioned yesterday I’m scheduled out into mid December right now and am looking for ways to add more appointment spots while continuing to provide the education I believe in and clients are asking for.

At the conference, we learned that people learn more in group settings because they are engaged in the stories and questions of the other participants, the material is presented in a variety of formats, and there is more time allowed for the material.  Studies show patients only retain a small fraction of the information we give during appointments and benefit from the support of the group. Community is sorely needed in these times of increasing isolation with more virtual interactions than personal.

So stay tuned for news on the groups that will start up this fall!