To support detoxification, several herbs are excellent. Before I was so zealous about the healing power of foods, I would prescribe these herbs without the cleansing diet, with a side note to “eat cleanly”.

If you love to work with individual herbs, you can shop health food stores or Frontier Herbs online, and make strong teas or tinctures. Personally, I love the convenience and quality of a tincture formulation of several herbs made by a reputable company such as Natural Creations.

For many years, I’ve used Natural Creations’ trio system. Patients with GI, skin, inflammation, and weight concerns have all experienced excellent results. I use the Dandicomp or Hepatacomp formulations interchangeably, depending on the individual. I also like the Liver-Gallblader HP homeopathic support, and Nutriplenish GI, which supports the gut to handle what is cleansed and sent downstream from the liver.


Dandelion Root—Wonderful as a tea in its own right, and if made strongly enough, replaces coffee nicely for those who enjoy that bitter richness. The leaves are great also, and can be used in tea, raw in salads or sautéed.

Barley Grass—Ancient and full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and chlorophyll. Has potent anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beet Root—You can eat these to your heart’s content!

Blue Flag Iris—Considered a liver stimulant to clear the ducts, restore normal flow of bile, and cleanse.

Milk Thistle—Used for over 2000 years to protect and heal the liver, which has been supported in scientific studies. Its main constituent, silymarin, is used to treat hepatitis and to protect from liver-toxic drugs.

Oregon Grape Root—Same impact as Blue Flag Iris.

Rosemary—Induces important Phase 2 liver enzymes, which are critical in detoxification pathways.  Its constituent, rosmarinic acid, has been shown to reduce inflammation and reverse autoimmune activity.

Stinging Nettles— You can often find this herb available as a tea. It has mildly energizing benefits and supports the liver and kidneys, making it a great morning tea.