As my post reported a few days ago, I was reminded at a business conference that we are here to give and I’m exploring ways to give more of me and my gifts.

I love the idea that we need to give only to give, not to get anything. But so much of the conference focused on a specific program, and how much money the current program enrollees are making, (some making millions of dollars a year!). So was it really giving just to give? It sounded like a lot of getting to me, especially when the conference leader threw t-shirts, water bottles,  money and swag into the audience and the crowd would scream and rush the stage to get them. But maybe it was a demonstration of the program founder being very generous in her gifts.

She even had a contest for seven program members who were given the opportunity to practice their speaking skills. The speaker that generated the most noise from the audiences won $10,000! The next presenter then gave $1,000 to the six program members who didn’t win the contest. Those two givers sure had fun! Or were there other benefits for them? I don’t even need to ask, and would rather believe that lots of giving is happening every day.

So how often is giving just to get? Is feeling good feelings or having fun a bad reason to give? For me, getting “good feels” is not getting things or money or power, unless you count the power of love!

In the case of my practice, giving will most likely mean related to health support and education but these questions arose:

  • Is it really giving if I’m fulfilling myself? If I charge money?
  • Have I been stingy so far if I wasn’t doing all I could do?
  • What can you give of your time or talents? Money is clearly needed in Puerto Rico. Would it feel good to be part of their solution?

Maybe we could practice giving without expecting anything in return and see how it affects our lives.

I love that idea.