For me this is a big year since I’m turning 60 in July. Though I may be younger than the average 60 year-old Iowan, I was dreading marking the next decade with that number.

Voila! Just in time again, enter Sheree Clark in her interview series, Magnificent Midlife Woman. And, having heard only the first 2 interviews so far I highly recommend it!!

The first guest, Dr Anna Cabeca, who I have long considered a foremost educator and empowerer of women’s health—and in a very holistic vein at that— offered great ideas and a free Master Class to Sheree’s participants.

The second guest, Marianne Williamson really lit me up! She is on fire to bring real health and balance back to our country and planet. I truly hope the masses will listen to her. She inspired me to know my passion again. Among many things, (which I want to listen to twice more at least), she said, “Just as we when we have a newborn we must breastfeed or our breasts will be congested, when we turn 60 we must speak our wisdom.” So beyond the immediate face value of this sentence, I know something new and good is coming this year. To quickly jump on to this interview series, go to

I am looking forward to stoking these fires and passing on what is inspiring me. I’d love to hear from you what has lit your fire and if I can contribute fuel. Please send me an email with your questions or blog requests.