I’m just returning from a conference in Palm Springs which has never been a destination goal for me. Nor was it a conference I have ever thought I would attend because it wasn’t about health care…at least not on the surface.  On the surface it was about making millions of dollars.  But that part wasn’t the draw. The reason I decided to go was my generous and brilliant friend Sheree Clark described it as about helping more people in less time. If you have made an appointment with me lately you will know that I’m scheduled out to mid December right now…so I was reeled in!

I took home so many great ideas and inspiration, so much that I’ll be sharing it with you over several posts.

Yes you read that right: after many months of neglecting my blog, I’ll be writing to you regularly because I’ve committed to stepping up this practice. And I hope it will be as good for you as it is for me because I want you to be part of my change.

The biggest thing I received at last week’s conference was that I need to give so much more to be satisfied that I’m living my purpose. (And that is part of health, yes?)

 I’m ready to grow up at my late age and what that means to me is coming out of my closet and being all of who I am. And my hope is that you’ll find some nuggets to help you with your growth too.


–For the month of October I will write a new post daily to set a pattern of considering what I can give on a daily basis.

–You will hear about personal growth, both mine and from stories and teachings I’ve received.

–You will hear about some new projects I’m working on,

–And you’ll learn what I’m learning in functional and integrative medicine.

This is a big stretch for me so I’m asking for some help from you.

If you have any topic you want to explore,  I’d appreciate the ideas for subject matter.

When October is over, depending on your feedback, and my focus,  I’ll decide on the frequency of my posts.