Today is my last post for this little marathon blog fest, so I thought I’d share what I learned in the last month of blogging.

This was a LOVE HATE journey. Sometimes I just wanted to snuggle up with my honey or go for a walk rather than sitting or standing at a computer (I love my sit-stand desk!) to come up with something that you might or might not even care about, or worse yet, are very bored with. Those were the bad times.

Then there were the COOL times when I was amazed with what we’d come up with and what I learned. I was always listening to clients questions for material which made me realize that some terms I use need more explanation. YOU gave me ideas and then I had fun writing my perspective or researching. I learned about writing and research and my time use and my energy. Sometimes I’d start with something I thought was very important, research the numbers and facts to “get it right” and end up bored myself with the numbers. We all have different personalities and I’ve worked with this information for years so I shouldn’t expect to feel fresh about the same things that might interest you, but I learned what excites me, what I’m passionate about.

So here’s what I learned with this exercise:

  • I have a little more time than I thought I did to do research (or other projects), so I’ll be getting more of that done – at least what is important. And I always knew I could get things done on the plane but I never knew how much!! I had three flights after I committed to daily blog posts so I used that time well. I even had a little tablet on the plane that lost my writing twice so I had to start over and still got five blog posts done in that time.
  • Frequently I’d get excited abut a topic BECAUSE I was reading about it and writing about it and convinced myself about the importance of the topic. Then without fail, I’d use that material the next day with clients. I’m talking more with clients about  testosteronelow-dose Naltrexone, and electromagnetic frequencies again and will be researching them more too. I may even buy a PEMF mat or device soon.
  • I found out that I treasure my own time and family time and walks in the evening and will not give them up for anything, at least not long term. I don’t like to say no to any of those things and they are priceless!!
  • I was reminded that I still love hormones and that one of my biggest passions is how our emotions and energy affect everything in our bodies and our lives. I will be focusing more on those topics, though gut health will certainly get my attention too. (More on that is coming, I promise!)
  • I can commit to a big project and complete it and it’s not as painful as I work myself up to think. Problems are always bigger in my mind than in reality. The ego is the supreme expert at making that happen!
  • I can get clarity writing. This exercise reminded me how journaling is a great tool that I could use again when needed.

So thank you for your feedback, for your presence in my daily learning online and in the office, and for your patience.

Now I am preparing for our Re-Energize Your Life workshop and will be blog posting every week or two after that. Please reach out to me if you have questions or ideas for me.