Our search for our daughter’s health

A guest post by Renee Welk At the time of this post, I had no idea that in November, our Mara would be homebound and in bed for 4 months straight! A little background – my daughter, Mara, started vomiting, about quarterly, when she was 18 months old. In pre-school, she started getting some headaches. In kindergarten, she started throwing up in her mouth multiple times daily, several days a week. By fall of her [...]

Immune support has never been more important!

Are you doing everything for your immune system that you can to protect you from Covid 19 sickness? I will spare you the hand washing and PPE discussion since that is all over media, but here are some ideas for fighting off infection: VITAMIN C As much as this has been discussed here and in the media, we know it’s very supportive of the immune system Food - To get vitamin C, fill your plate [...]

A year of creating joy.

One of the most important things in our lives to keep clean is our mind. In fact, I believe there is nothing more important to detox than our minds. A friend said she’d learned that the unconscious doesn’t have a sense of humor. She became very afraid because she’d spent 50 years enjoying sarcasm and realized what she’d been feeding her mind all along. That’s right – information, thoughts and feelings are food for [...]

I did the test!

...AND THE PROOF WAS IN THE PUDDIN When people ask me if it’s safe to use hormone supplementation. I always say, “ It depends on how you metabolize them, and to know that for certain we should test you. A test for hormone metabolism provides insight into how your body is managing hormones like estrogen. If hormones aren’t processed properly, they can increase your risk for cancer or cardiovascular disease. In women, poorly metabolized [...]

My journey to wellness: Leslie A. Whippen

Approximately 5 years ago I developed what appeared to be sudden severe pain on the side of both thighs as well as my feet. It was horrible. It felt like red hot pokers piercing several areas up and down my thighs. Probably the worst time of day was at night when I was sleeping, or I should say 'trying' to sleep. I was reduced to taking a sleeping pill to get any rest at [...]

The risks and benefits of broad-spectrum genetic testing

Since the rise in popularity of 23andMe, AncestryDNA and other direct-to-consumer DNA testing services, my patients are increasingly asking me about (or bringing me their results from) online genetic tests. One test indicated a patient had an increased for risk for Alzheimer disease, and she asked about whether to change her retirement plans. Another’s results suggested risk for developing age-related macular degeneration and she asked about supplements for prevention. They both wondered whether they [...]

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