A Year of Creating Joy

I interrupt my series on detoxifying with something more fun… though the two can be the same. One of the most important things in our lives to keep clean is our mind. In fact, I believe there is nothing more important to detox than our minds. A friend said she’d learned that the unconscious doesn’t…
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Welcome to the Whole Woman Health Blog!

I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a blog for Whole Woman Health!* Every day I come across amazing information or great new health discoveries that I want to share. I’ve been studying functional medicine for over 15 years, and finally will have a vehicle to share all the cool stuff I’ve learned that will…
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Defining Holistic Health

The more time you spend with a concept, the more the definition seems to change. Every year of my career in holistic healthcare, my explanation of the modality seems to deepen. And in the holistic healthcare community, the volume of factors we address increases each year as research continues. Today, my definition of holistic healthcare…
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