Preventative care is my passion when it comes to healthcare. If we can prevent something from happening in the first place, how much time, energy, discomfort and money would we save later?

My interest in integrative health was piqued growing up as I spent time with both of my parents coping with disease. My father, a long-time diabetic with every possible complication he could probably have, and my mother, who copes with Hashimoto’s, headaches and a seizure disorder of unknown cause. Both of their situations are quite different, but I believe that diet and lifestyle can have significant impacts on the management of their diseases, as well as the delayed progression of disease and disability.

I have also always had an interest in nutrition and science. I’ve spent time learning about alternative healing options for the common cold, boosting the immune system and being active for heart health. I simultaneously was also a vegetarian, felt tired and cranky all the time, had a lot of gut issues, anxiety and was known to eat cereal for dinner, regularly. I didn’t even realize that what my body was feeling was not normal. I didn’t know that it was possible to feel different.

Three years ago, my mom introduced me to The Wahl’s Protocol and my sister introduced the idea of the Whole30. I read the books and I was hooked. I dropped sugar and dairy cold-turkey. I went from vegetarian to full-on carnivore overnight. After a few weeks, I felt better than I knew was possible. I began to ask myself why no one else was eating this way, and why it wasn’t a mainstream treatment. It could decrease and manage blood sugars in diabetics and they could possibly avoid all the complications I had seen. Why not?? I wanted to share it with everyone I knew because my thinking is, “All you have to do is eat better! It’s so simple!”

I have since learned that it is not quite that simple, but it is possible and it does have major benefits. So, I still talk about nutrition every chance I get and hope to reach a few people along the way. I have continued the Whole30 mentality for the past three years and follow it about 90% of the time. I feel better. It is not worth it to me to feel worse. I am, however, also a huge foodie– so I definitely make the choice to not follow it now and then. It helps my soul 🙂

I think Western medication is a wonderful thing, and I definitely think there are moments when it is necessary. However, as far as chronic disease prevention and management is concerned, I think that diet, lifestyle and proper supplementation work wonders. So, why not?

In my future practice, I’d like to incorporate yoga, diet, lifestyle changes, essential oils, acupuncture, meditation and possibly other alternative modalities into my treatment recommendations. I have a lot more to learn, but my hope is to treat every patient by addressing all aspects of their life–not just a symptom or two. We need to care for not only our bodies, but our minds, and it is important to assess why or what is stressing our bodies. We cannot eliminate or control everything. What we can do is manage our responses to and management of our surroundings to achieve an optimal sense of wellness.

I strive to nourish and care for my body everyday. I only get one. And I hope to provide guidance and education to help others feel motivated to do the same.