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Real Connections

When women get together to focus on a shared activity—anything from knitting to helping the needy—transformation can occur. Studies have shown that the more meaningful connections we have, the longer we live. Friendships feed our soul and ease pain on every level. According to recent research people with strong social relationships increased their odds of survival over…
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7 Health Benefits of Cultivating Gratitude

What if you could transform your life for free? Yes, free! Doing so is a matter of exercising your ability to cultivate one thing. Just one thing– GRATITUDE. Whether you acknowledge what you have in a journal or pause momentarily to silently express it, gratitude transforms your life. More and more researchers are identifying the…
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‘Forest Bathing’ to Care for the Whole Person

I named my clinic Whole Woman Health because healthcare for the WHOLE woman (and man, too) is something I value. To be fully well and balanced, it’s essential we tend to the three elements of well-being – mind, body and spirit. And while each element contributes equally to wellness, we tend to live our day-to-day…
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