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The Risks and Benefits of Broad-Spectrum Genetic Testing

Since the rise in popularity of 23andMe, AncestryDNA and other direct-to-consumer DNA testing services, my patients are increasingly asking me about (or bringing me their results from) online genetic tests. One test indicated a patient had an increased for risk for Alzheimer disease, and she asked about whether to change her retirement plans. Another’s results…
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Tests Available at Whole Woman Health

Some readers have asked for a list of tests that we offer at WWH. I will discuss these below, commenting on how and why we use them. If you’d like a more complete description of the tests, feel free to check out the websites for the labs I use. Standard Blood Testing by Mercy Clinical…
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Do or Don’t – Gene Testing

This post is part of our FAQ blog series. Today, Lisa answers a question submitted from a Facebook follower: "Should I do genetic testing for cancer risk?” When Angelina Jolie reported that she was having her breasts removed because she tested positive for the breast cancer gene, I thought she was a little crazy, really.…
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