I want to tell you about an amazing patient of mine. What makes him so noteworthy? Because of the huge changes he has made due to a couple of interventions.  That’s what I love about my job! And this is just an extreme example of the fun I get to have.

To protect patient privacy, I’ll call this client Jim. Jim is a successful executive who had a brain injury. Afterwards he was able to do his job and apparently did it well, but he didn’t have a life that otherwise resembled his previous one. He wasn’t able to spend time enjoying his kids the way he used to, dance at the company Christmas party, much less run at all – and he was a veteran of many marathons! He was just always exhausted, needing to rest or nap on the couch as soon as he got home from work and was on antidepressants even though he thought he was really just tired.

He’d heard about me from the BioTe rep who was talking about the pellet hormone therapy we provide and thought they might help him.

Jim’s testosterone was very low at 171, with a desired 800 or greater. We also discovered that he has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and some low vitamin levels. From there we decided to start testosterone pellets.  I also recommended a Paleo diet (which proved not worthwhile for him so he stopped that after a month of valiantly missing pasta and bread) and some specific vitamins.

After a few months he was feeling so much better, and even went off his antidepressant, but was still having a lot of aching. To combat the pain, we added low dose Naltrexone. Here’s what he emailed to me about seven months after we started:

Hi Lisa –

I’m so thankful to have found you. A few updates for our appointment Thursday.

First, for several months now, I am feeling good. Like to the point where I can almost do anything I want or previously did. Yes, I still do not feel great every day or any day, but most days, I feel okay to good – and it has been a long time since any day was a fight to get through it. I think a lot of factors are lining in my favor, and you’ve played a key role in all of this. 

Much to my surprise, my training, while harder than it used to be, is going well. I am trained up to 10 miles now, so getting close to being conditioned for the 13.2 miles. 

Your prescription of Naltrexone seems to be helping me quite a bit with my lingering neck and back tension and pain. I think that med, coupled with a weekly yoga routine and my running has me 50% better on that front. And, I am sleeping a bit better.

There are times when I am out on a run, and I am appreciating everything so much that I start to get emotional. It really is wonderful being halfway back to my old self. If I can sustain this current level going forward, I will be so happy. Again, I owe a lot to you.

As you can see, testosterone support can be a very powerful tool. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about testosterone.