Exams at Whole Woman Health include conversation and physical examination, along with blood and urine testing when needed to complete your whole health picture. Expect a one hour initial visit.

During the initial visit, Lisa will gather a very thorough history from you. This can take 15 -40 minutes, depending on your story and how it unfolds for you.

Then she will give you her impression of possible issues to address and testing options available to clarify the picture. Some treatments can be started even before results are received. There are often multiple causes that interact but when treated will support each other toward your balance.

The two of you then decide which tests and/or treatments to order. We work at the pace that works for you, but for a systematic approach we will perform only 1-3 test panels/kits at once.

Whole Woman Health selects laboratory facilities with a proven record for accuracy and quality. Your insurance stipulations and personal financial requirements are also considered when selecting laboratory facilities. Whole Woman Health can work with any local lab, and frequently partners with the following facilities:

Saliva or urine hormone and neurotransmitter testing:

ZRT lab
Genova Diagnostics
Food Intolerance Testing:
ALCAT/Cell Science
US Biotek

Alternate blood testing for genetics, risk categories:


Breast or body imaging:

Thermography of Iowa
Radiant Health Imaging

It is often advantageous to start some general supportive measures while awaiting results so nutritional supplements are frequently recommended according to the individual need and budget. A quality selection of supplements are available at Whole Woman Health, but you are always welcome to decide whether and where to get them.

Follow-up visits

The second visit will look at your results and interpretation, and create a plan for your healing journey. It will take 45-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your concerns and results.

Follow-up visits usually require from 30-45 minutes, and may include continued lab testing if more monitoring is required. If tests are needed it is most time-efficient to have those tests performed before the appointment so results are ready to be discussed. If you are unsure about whether you should have tests done before your appointment, please call us so we can be prepared.

Please always call us if you have questions or concerns before your appointment.